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In any legal case, you need to know your opposition and accuser. In federal cases, your opposition and prosecutor happen to be the United States Government. Are you willing to trust your life and future to any attorney you find online? Don't just trust anyone! Contact Hollander & Hanuka Attorneys at Law, the legal team that makes the impossible happen in federal cases. We're by your side from your first call through your possible appeal.

  • Drug trafficking and conspiracy charges

  • Fraud and white-collar crimes

  • Bank robbery and larceny

  • Counterfeiting and laundering

  • Cyberstalking and kidnapping

  • International crimes

  • Interstate crimes and more

There's a big difference between studying the law and practicing law. Sometimes, all of the book knowledge in the world is no match for being in a courtroom, facing the opposing attorney, and learning what to expect from a variety of judges. You'll have a hard time finding a legal team with as many years of experience as you get from your attorneys at Hollander & Hanuka Attorneys at Law.

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