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For effective criminal defense services, look no further than Hollander & Hanula Attorneys at Law. We are committed to defending the rights of individuals in Naples, FL and the nearby areas who are facing criminal law charges. We specialize in both State law a federal criminal law ensuring the best legal services are provided to our clients at all times. We recognize that it can be intimidating to face the courts alone with no idea of how to protect your rights and freedoms. That is why you can turn to us to as the criminal defense attorney you need for an assertive defense.

As your criminal defense lawyer, we will see to it that your charges are either reduced or completely eliminated in Naples, FL. There is no need for concern over your criminal charges when you have a criminal lawyer who is committed to serving your best interests. We handle criminal cases of all types including DWI and DUI charges, possession of firearms, manslaughter, sexual assault, and other state and federal crimes.  

Facing a DWI or DUI charge can be overwhelming without the right DUI lawyer by your side. Whether your case requires the expertise of a DWI lawyer or DUI attorney, you can depend on us for the right solutions. We are the DWI attorney and DUI defense attorney you can always depend on to help you win your case.

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